5 Ways to Have a Better Morning

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In a perfect world, birds would sing on our window sill and we would greet them with a smile and a Cinderella-like “la la la”.  Enter, real life mornings.  Amid the craziness of alarm clocks, lunch packing, showering, hair combing, clients calling early, poopy diapers, spilled cereal milk, and shoes that suddenly don’t fit, there’s just gotta be a better way to get up and out the door in the morning.

Here are 5 ways to have a better morning:

1.  Don’t scream at anybody.  Chaos just seems to create more chaos, so take a deep breath and whisper when you feel like yelling.  If you’re like me, you’ll whisper the vowels and scream the consonants.  Calm down and focus on teaching the people around you what you need them to do.

2.  Do as much as you can the night before. 

  • Choose and iron clothes
  • Set out shoes and socks
  • Check school paperwork and complete anything that needs information or a signature
  • Go over your schedule for the next day and compare it to your family’s schedule to check for conflicts and strategize how you’re going to make it all happen
  • Figure out what’s for breakfast the next morning

3.  Decide to just get up on time.   In our house, my husband and 2 yr old are the early birds.  Our 5 yr old and I like to sleep in.  We’ve finally got a system worked out in our house that drags the sleepy heads out of bed (it’s an alarm clock that my husband makes me get up and turn off.  By then, I have to go to the bathroom and start checking email so then my brain starts to register that I’m not going to be able to sleep any more).  There is a specific time that we have to be up so that everybody eats, everybody brushes their teeth, Mommy can shower, we can deal with any last minute crisis, and get to school/work without feeling rushed.  It’s good.  I’ve finally realized that I’m always going to be tired, so there’s no point in “15 more minutes” of snooze time in the morning – it doesn’t help.  🙂

4.  Keep it simple.  If you forgot to do something the night before, don’t try for anything elaborite during your morning routine. Just make something similar and simple happen and promise yourself you’ll try it again another day.  I used to do all kinds of fancy things with our daughter’s lunchbox napkin – sweet notes, poorly done oragami, etc.  Now, I just give her a napkin and write “I love you!  Love, Mom” with a big heart or smiley face or flower.  It takes 5 seconds and makes us both feel good, I think.

5.  Coffee.  Even if you don’t have time to make it at home, at least try to pick up coffee or a morning beverage of choice as a “pick me up”.  I promise myself coffee with creamer every morning and it motivates me, even though I only actually get it about 10% of the time.  Find whatever works for you and try to give that little treat to yourself for surviving the a.m.


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