Best Story of the Morning

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Big ups to 92.9fm KKID for having us on their show this morning.  They are Hi-larious.  Let’s just say that the host was trying to say “tweeting” and said “twating” and we all busted out in a fit of the giggles.  Two grown men and a HR Lady… yes, we did… on the air.

Best story of the morning: The owner of a business was on vacation and started getting calls from his customers and employees asking if the business was for sale.  Apparently, a customer of the business had come in and told the employees and other customers that he had purchased the business, effective immediately!  Imagine that news while you’re on vacation… lol.

Best excuse for doing something wrong at work: “the devil made me do it.”  Classic!

So this weekend, we’re going to order another shipment of books for the local bookstores.  We ran out yesterday and still have several bookstores that are wanting to carry the book.  That’s beyond exciting and we are REALLY appreciative.  We also need to work on the presentation for the September & October Lunch & Learns: How to Make Money While You’re Waiting on a Job.  It will be a busy weekend!


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