Burned Out At Work: How to Fix It

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Love it.

Check out this article on how to have a Vacation Day at Work.  Here’s an excerpt:

So have you ever really needed a vacation day, but didn’t have any?  Fear not, frazzled friend.  There is a plan.

First, consider momentarily those days when you worked like a person on meth.  (The good meth, not the watered down stuff that my crackhead relatives say the kids are smokin these days. )  These are the days when we say “I gave my employer 110%”.  And, truthfully, you probably did.

It’s just a matter of math.    Here are a few ways that good employees earn a vacation day at workread more

The reality is that we all get a little (or a lot) burned out sometimes.  If you have a jerk and/or micromanager for a boss, just skip this article and get our book about how to get another job because none of these solutions are going to fix your idiot boss.  🙂

If you are frazzled or burned out at work, you likely need a vacation. Now, there are several different kinds of vacation.  Some people take vacation and they simply work from a different location.  Not that kind 🙂  If you are burned out, you need a real vacation with absolutely zero contact to or from your job.  Think of it this way:  they survived before you were hired and will do just fine now, too.

If you own a business, it’s a little harder to have zero contact, but limit it to one phone call a day.  Choose a time of day and let your employees know you’re going to call them at that time every day.  Designate one trustworthy person to collect all messages, questions, and complaints.  Try to push off dealing with complaints until you return because there’s usually more than a simple fix there.  Plus, it might make you REALLY upset, which will ruin your vacation (and the vacation of everyone else with you) due to general anxiety and grumpiness.

Hang in there and give yourself a break.  Times are tough and, until you can replace the paycheck you have with another one equal or better, you might just have to take a few vacation days at work. 🙂


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