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Ask the HR Lady: Are Tatoos Taboo?

Posted by on Sep 12, 2011 in Advice, Managing Employees | 0 comments

HR Lady:  We own a restaurant and have a strict “no tattoo” policy.  We feel that tattoos might offend some of our guests.   There’s a worker I really want to hire, but she has a tattoo.  Can I make an exception?  ~Tom, Missouri Dear Tom:  Tattoo policies are like any other policy.  You have to decide what kind of an organization you want to be and then that will answer your question.  The best example of how to treat policies is DaVita, Inc.  They are the largest independently owned kidney care company in the United States.  Their philosophy about their handbook and policies are that it’s a guideline, not a rule.  When you put it in that perspective,...

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