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Best Story of the Morning

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Big ups to 92.9fm KKID for having us on their show this morning.  They are Hi-larious.  Let’s just say that the host was trying to say “tweeting” and said “twating” and we all busted out in a fit of the giggles.  Two grown men and a HR Lady… yes, we did… on the air. Best story of the morning: The owner of a business was on vacation and started getting calls from his customers and employees asking if the business was for sale.  Apparently, a customer of the business had come in and told the employees and other customers that he had purchased the business, effective immediately!  Imagine that news while you’re on...

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There’s Something in the Air – Bring on the Donuts

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The book hit Amazon and Barnes & Noble earlier this week, and is now being carried in local bookstores as well.  It’s an odd feeling to have written a book and then wonder if people will find it interesting and valuable enough to purchase.  It’s kind of like waiting to get picked on a team for dodge ball as a kid.  To stay positive and work through the stress, I’m watering our outside plants and babying them through the summer heat, running with the Couch to 5K program three times a week, and doing some radio and print marketing to promote the book. Having said all that, there are Hostess chocolate donettes waiting for me in the fridge.  Nite...

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